Dressing for Cold Weather Fat Biking

Now that you know what fat bikes are and where you can ride them; let’s talk a little bit about what gear you’ll need for the most enjoyable experience!

Endura Jacket
Endura Jacket

You’ll want a helmet and something to keep your water in (bottle or hydration pack), but what about clothing layers? Here are some items we recommend you wear during winter fat bike riding.

1. Layers – Wearing multiple layers of clothing will help you stay warm enough and cool enough during your winter fat bike experience. 

Smartwool Light Layer
Smartwool Layer

   – Inner Layer – this is the layer you want to make sure the fabric wicks moisture away from your body. If your clothes are soaking wet, you’re going to get cold no matter what is covering it. Do not wear cotton for this layer. It will just hold on to all the sweat you’re working up and make you cold. Lots of people prefer merino wool for this layer, but silk or various synthetic materials will also work. A lot of our CBB branded clothing fits the bill for a synthetic material.

100% Brisker Gloves
100% Brisker Gloves

 – Mid Layer – This is just the layer that you wear between your base and outer layers. This layer is meant to hold in the heat your body generates. Just like the inner layer, you want the fabric of this one to be a natural or synthetic material – just not cotton. We stock some Smartwool light layers, which are perfect to wear as a mid-layer.

– Outer Layer
– This is one that protects you from the outside elements, like wind, snow, rain, low hanging branches full of snow – you get the picture. It should be durable and breathable. If the temps aren’t too low, you can use a windbreaker or a rain jacket. If it is a little colder, we’ve got Endura jackets that fit your form and protect your body from the elements.

Garneau Brigade Balaclava
Garneau Brigade Balaclava

2. Hands – your hands are some of the first parts of your body that will start to feel cold, so make sure you pick a glove that is warm enough to keep your digits from turning blue and flexible enough to allow you the dexterity you need to brake, shift, and use your dropper. CBB offers a brand called 100% that are warmer winter riding glove, which enables the full range of motion for biking.

3. Feet – just like your hands, feet also feel the chill first. There are winter-specific riding boots out there, or you can wear a winter hiking boot with your flat pedals. Just be sure that your winter wear isn’t too bulky, or pedaling will be awkward and difficult. You can also purchase toe warmers for use with your clipless shoes. Toe warmers slip on over your shoe to protect your feet from the wind and other winter elements. 

Garneau Winter Skull Hat
Garneau Winter Skull Hat

4. Head – you’ll want to keep the heat in your helmet, by using a cap or balaclava (you know, that thing that looks like a wannabe ski mask). We’ve got both options in stock from Garneau, so you can touch and feel them, to see which you prefer.

Winter riding, specifically fat bike riding can be a fun change of pace, and get you out of the house when you’re going stir crazy in the winter. Don’t let the thought of lack of gear stop you; you’ve probably got most of the basics in your wardrobe already. If you need some help getting ready for your winter outing, stop by CBB. We’ve got everything you need and can direct you to the right gear for your needs.

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