The Saturday Morning Road Ride

The CBB Group Road Ride Leaves The CBB Shop Every Saturday Morning.It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding a road bike forever, or if you think you want to dip a toe into the sport – the Saturday morning road ride is for you! Here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

Logistics – the group meets at Colorado Backcountry Bike every Saturday morning. In the summer when we’ve got long days and lots of afternoon heat, it starts early (8 am). When the short, cool days of winter creep in it starts a little later (around 10 am). You can always find the exact time on CBB’s Facebook page. We create events for each ride, so you know when it starts.

Route – it is lovingly referred to as the “North 40.” This means that the group pedals out towards Highline Lake and back. There are some extensions if you want a longer route, and also some cut-offs if you just aren’t feeling it that day. We’ve got a map on our website, so you can see all the various paths that you might take. It doesn’t really matter which route you want to take, because everyone starts and ends at CBB in about 3 hours. After the Saturday Morning Road Ride Ends, There are Treats!

Speeds – The group naturally breaks up into three different groups that Kevin refers to as the Fast Group, the Fun Group, and the Funner Group. The Fast group rides around 21-22 mph, while the Fun Group clips along at 17-18 mph. The Funner Group comes in around 14-16 mph. 

Gear – if you’re new and don’t have a road bike, don’t worry. You can call the shop and get a rental for the ride. We offer different brands and types of road/gravel bikes to get you on the right one that will be most comfortable. All you need is some comfortable clothes to ride in and some shoes. If you don’t have bike-specific shoes, just throw on your sneakers. If you’ve been at this a while and want to try out a new bike, we might just have your new favorite thing. 

Join the CBB Group Every Saturday For a Road Ride Around FruitaWhat to Pack – water! Water is the most important thing you can bring with you. Our rental bikes come with water bottle cages on them, so you can just bring a couple of bottles full of water. Other items to consider are snacks, tools, and a basic repair kit – in case of a flat tire. When road-riding, you want to keep things light, so think about the essentials, rather than what might be nice to have “in-case.”

After – the group gathers in The Cooler. This is the side patio of CBB. Post-ride beverages are provided by Colorado Backcountry Biker, and everyone hangs out to shoot the breeze. This is a great time to get to know people better and make new friends. Sometimes there is a potluck or organized food, but it is mostly about the camaraderie.

We’d love to have you join us on the Saturday morning road rides! If you’re a little nervous, just bring a friend. You’ll see that this is a super friendly group, no matter what pace you ride. We hope to see you on Saturday!

Monday – Saturday     9am – 6pm
Sunday                        9am – 5pm

150 S. Park Square                          Phone: 970-858-3917
Fruita, Colorado 81521                    Send us a message


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