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Front Side of Banshee RuneIn addition to the Banshee Spitfire and Paradox, we’ve also got the Banshee Rune at the shop for rent and purchase.

The 2020 Banshee Rune is their fantastic all-mountain enduro bike. It is one of the cornerstones of their lineup and inspires confidence in every rider. 

The Rune is a 160mm rear travel bike that can have a 27.5” or a 26” wheel setup. The fork travel can be set between 160 – 180mm with the weight of the medium frame plus the Float X2 shock, dropouts w/ axle, and seat post clamp sitting at 8.5 lbs. MSRP on this bike is $2,299. The updates on the 2020 Rune have a lower center of mass and space for a full-size water bottle inside the frame.Back Side of Banshee Rune

We’ve found that the Banshee Rune is a perfect all-around 27.5” bike for our neighborhood. It allows us the ability to easily get to the top of trails so that we can shred the fun rocky sections with confidence. The Rune features the KS2 suspension. The KS2 has a single piece rocker assembly making this area of the bike stiffer than most. The design also allows for a longer stroke shock enabling your bike to have lower leverage ratios, and lower pressures. 

Front of Banshee RuneThis bike can rip on all the things we’ve tested in Fruita and Grand Junction. The Rune also leaves a huge smile on our faces at the end of every run. It also is the perfect bike for taking up to Powderhorn. If you’re interested in giving this girl a go, stop in, and rent it. We’ve got the 2020 Banshee Rune built up in a medium. If you’re interested in purchasing a Banshee Bike, we can also help you out. We carry the Rune, Spitfire, and Paradox.