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Banshee Spitfire FrontIf you haven’t already heard, we just received some Banshee Bikes in the shop and we are excited!

Banshee has been making high-end alloy bikes for more than 15 years. They’ve never been a brand to build XC race bikes. They build bikes for the everyday rider to the downhill racer. They build bikes that are meant to be fun. It’s only fair that we tell you all about them, and we’re starting with the 2020 Banshee Spitfire. 

Stats matter, so let’s get those out of the way. The Spitfire is an aggressive 26” or 27.5” short-travel aluminum trail bike. It has a 135mm rear travel and the fork has a 140-160mm travel range. The head angle is 65 degrees and the seat angle is 76 degrees. The weight of a medium frame, with Fox DPX2 shock, dropouts w/axle, and seat post clamp comes in at 7.8 pounds. These can easily be built to under 30 pounds of fun. Banshee Spitfire Side View

This bike allows you to carve those turns and hold your lines. While the Spitfire can handle what you throw its way, it really shines when you are a deliberate rider – picking the right lines and using your pedal efficiency. 

Getting back to that rear travel, the 135mm lets you climb things with ease. Banshee has a refined suspension platform that provides efficient pedaling and great small bump compliance. If you’re sitting in the saddle or standing to grind up that hill, you will notice minimal pedal feedback. This allows you to keep your traction and easily cruise up those climbs. You will love taking laps at 18 Road on the Spitfire. It is playful and nimble, allowing you to easily get to the top and enjoy the smooth, flowy downhill. 

Banshee Spitfire Top ViewDon’t think of this only as a bike meant for smooth trails. The dual-link suspension design, aggressive geometry, and ability to run a stout fork upfront makes the Spitfire a bike to handle just about any trail you encounter. 

While we haven’t gotten a ton of time on this bike, I mean, we did just get them in last week, we are already loving it for our local trails. If you love climbing to the top of trails to ride a smooth, flowy downhill, stop in and rent the 2020 Banshee Spitfire. You are going to love it.