Bicycle Brake Pads

How to Fix Your Squeaky Bike Brakes

Last week, we discussed the four common culprits of squeaky bike brakes – brake rub, gunk, glaze, and extreme elements. Well, this week, we’ll be diving into how to fix your squeaky bike brakes. So, let’s get started. Brake Rub – first, you want to make sure that everything is aligned correctly. It is difficult […]

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Bicycle Brakes

Most Common Culprits of Squeaky Bike Brakes

So, you’ve noticed a little squeak in your brakes. There could be various reasons that your brakes sound squeaky, but we’re going to lay out the most common culprits of squeaky bike brakes.  Brake Rub – If you’re noticing the squeak/ping sound at intervals when you pedal, the most likely reason is brake rub. The […]

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The Lockdown Graveltational

Hey! Mesa County residents! Have you felt like you’ve been in a slump since the quarantine began? Has your race season been derailed and your energy deflated? The Lockdown Graveltational could be just the thing to get you in a better frame of mind and get you motivated to leave your house (in a safe […]

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The Kokopelli Trail System in Fruita, Colorado gives you all the views you could want

Bicycle Contact Points

When riding your bike, there are 3 or 5 contact points (depending on how you look at it) – meaning, there are only a few places where your body makes contact with the bike. Due to the small number, it is crucial to make those bicycle contact points as comfortable as possible to make it […]

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Different Types of Bicycle Saddles

There is a Bicycle Saddle for Everyone

Bicycle saddles – they come with your bike and most people don’t think much about them Bicycle saddles can be a game-changer when you find a seat that fits your body! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for a new bicycle saddle. Type of Riding Saddles are typically broken […]

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A Large Variety of Biking Shoes

The Differences in Cycling Shoes

All shoes are not designed equally, and this includes cycling shoes. There are different types of riding shoes depending on your discipline and your preferences. Today, we’re going to cover a few of the broad strokes on the differences in cycling shoes.  First of all, there are 3 main styles of riding shoes that you’ll […]

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CBB has plenty of road tires to choose from!

What Tires Are The Best For Your Riding

Bike Tires. They’re super important, but not everyone thinks about them regularly. Just like cars, bike tires matter during certain times of the year and specific conditions. You don’t want to run super chunky tires if you’re riding road, and you don’t want slicks if you’re riding rocky terrain. So, what tires are the best […]

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Canfield Crampon Ultimate Pedals

4 Flat-Pedal Options at CBB

These new state-wide mandates are giving us a lot of time to think…and research! If you ride flat-pedals or are thinking about switching to flats, check out these pedals that we carry at Colorado Backcountry Biker. Each has specific benefits, so take this time to review these 4 flat-pedal options at CBB to find the […]

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