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What you need to keep in mind when riding your bike during the hot summer monthsFor many people, bike season is over – snow, cold temperatures, and overall bad weather put an end to the season pretty quickly. In Fruita, however, riding season continues long past most of the rest of the state!

Temperatures may continue to decrease, but they are very different from anywhere else. Mornings start out cold, but things heat up quickly once the sun is out. This week, we are still expecting weekend highs to be in the 50s and sunny! Which means, it is the perfect riding weather for everyone. 

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Snow might be a thing for the mountains, but here in the high desert, the weather is only getting better for bike riding. Any precipitation we receive gets soaked up by the ground quickly, and makes the dirt phenomenal! Now is the perfect season to make the trip to Fruita to check out the trails!

Camping at night gets a bit chilly, but if you’re not into the cold temps, you can always reserve one of our moderately priced local hotels or VRBOs. If you’re willing to brave the cold temps, just build a toasty fire at night and plan to sleep in a bit in the morning. Plus, we’ve got some great restaurants for you to warm up, grab a bite to eat, and a refreshing beer or breakfast mimosa. 

The Fruita Rec Center has something for every member of the family.Just want to escape the cold weather? That’s fine too! Fruita has some cute shops to check out, hiking trails to explore, and an amazing recreation center that will keep kids of all ages entertained. The Grand Valley is also home to a few distilleries, and plenty of wineries and breweries to warm you up on those chilly evenings. 

Basically, what we’re saying is that you need to plan your adventure to Fruita! Now is the perfect time to visit the area and keep the fall feelings going strong. If you need any help planning your adventure, call us or stop in! We’re here to make the most of your Fruita vacation.