Sometimes, you just need to do a little bike maintenance at home to keep your bike clean and running well. So, what are the best bike maintenance tools to have for those small projects that you’d like to complete yourself? Floor Pump – you should check your tire pressure before every ride, so make sure […]

Flats vs clipless. It’s a choice as old as time for mountain bike riders. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but is there a “right” choice? Not really. Whichever one you choose is up to your personal preference. However, there are some benefits to using flat pedals that you might not think about. Sometimes even […]

It’s 2020 and we’ve got our new fleet of demo bikes coming into the shop. This is great news for you if you’ve been eyeing one of our 2019 bikes. When new bikes come in, the last season’s bikes have to go to a new home. So, what’s stopping you from adopting one of our […]

Well, it’s finally happened. The weather in the Grand Valley has gotten cold and snowy. Not as cold as the mountain areas around us, but we have all become thin-skinned, so this feels freezing! But, don’t worry, we still like to get out and ride our bikes no matter where the temperatures go. After all, […]

Winter has finally struck the Grand Valley. We got our first snowfall the day after Christmas, the trails are wet. In addition to that, we’re on a short vacation until January 3rd. So, what does that mean for your bike? Well, it could be great news, because you can complete these 6 easy bike maintenance […]

We typically only start thinking about the importance of bike lights for night rides in the summer or wanting to extend our riding ability on those short daylight hours in the winter.  But, the truth is, having lights on your bicycle can have more benefits than you realize. Here are 4 benefits of bike lights. […]

Christmas really is right around the corner! If you’re still struggling for smaller gifts or stocking stuffer ideas, stop in! We’ve got the goods you’re looking for. Socks – while kids aren’t thrilled with the idea of getting socks, adults are. CBB carries tons of different styles and patterns of socks.  Chain & Masterlink – […]

You will need to replace your brake pads from time to time. You might notice the need to replace your brake pads more after heavy winter use due to more grit and grime on the roads during that season. So, what should you look for to determine if it’s time to replace your bike pads? […]

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