Bike Tires. They’re super important, but not everyone thinks about them regularly. Just like cars, bike tires matter during certain times of the year and specific conditions. You don’t want to run super chunky tires if you’re riding road, and you don’t want slicks if you’re riding rocky terrain. So, what tires are the best […]

These new state-wide mandates are giving us a lot of time to think…and research! If you ride flat-pedals or are thinking about switching to flats, check out these pedals that we carry at Colorado Backcountry Biker. Each has specific benefits, so take this time to review these 4 flat-pedal options at CBB to find the […]

Biking is a great activity for any age! You can go as hard or as easy on yourself as you feel each day. On top of that, it offers many mental and health benefits to keep you sane, even when things are getting a little crazy in the world around you. Here are the top […]

Orbea will be here this weekend (March 14-15) with their fleet of 2020 demo bikes! In that mix will be the new Orbea Occam. If you’re at all unfamiliar with Orbea, this is a great opportunity to get to know their fantastic bikes up close and personal (for FREE). If you want to know a […]

We know fueling up is just as important to the weekend experience as the riding itself…well, maybe not JUST as important, but it’s up there! Here’s a list of local places to eat in Fruita, depending on your food mood. Hot Tomato Pizza – this has become the iconic Fruita food destination. With Life of […]

So, you’re planning your spring biking trip to Fruita – GREAT! While you can expect mostly stellar conditions in the spring, the weather doesn’t always comply.  So, what should you do if it rains one of the mornings or days that you’re here? Don’t worry. Fruita is home to a few different types of trails […]

We’ve finally had a few nice days this winter to really get out and enjoy biking again. Did you take advantage of those days? Did you find out that you’ve lost a bit of fitness over the winter? Don’t fear! You can still do some things during the rest of the winter to help you […]

Sometimes, your bike chain can be overlooked. You might think you just did it, or not realize that you have to do any maintenance to it at all!  If you’re not completing regular bicycle chain maintenance on your chain, you could be causing more damage than you think. Your chain picks up road grime, dust, […]

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