Let’s face it. We all love bikes. Which means we probably have more than one…or two. If you’ve got a bike problem, (is it really a problem?) you might need some inspiration for bike storage. So, here are five great options on how to store your bikes. Horizontal Wall Stands – some of these options […]

If you’re ready to get your first bike or upgrade your bike, you know that there are A LOT of choices. It can become a little overwhelming with all the available options. So, what should you do? The best thing to do is to demo a bike before you buy it!  There aren’t many big-ticket […]

It might feel like summer is in full swing here on the Western Slope, but we all know it will probably get hotter. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summertime bike rides around the area to ride when the heat hits The Valley.  Turkey Flats – this area is located […]

Every cyclist needs to adjust to the summer heat at some point. Here in the desert, it is time to make the adjustments needed to avoid heat stress when riding your bike. So, here are a few things to keep in mind about how your body copes with heat, and what you can do to […]

It’s already starting to heat up in the desert, which means the trails start to clear out. But if you’re still looking to get some great riding in Fruita, how can you keep your cool? Here are 7 cycling tips to stay cool in the summer heat. 1. Go Early – we know this option […]

When you ride your bike, you want to be as comfortable as possible. I mean, comfort adds to the fun of it all!  In a previous blog, we talked about your contact points and why it is important to take special care of the equipment you purchase to ease those points. For your bike, getting […]

Here at Colorado Backcountry Biker, we have a LOT to offer – bike rentals, bike gear, service, and so much more! So, what exactly does a full-service bike shop look like? Well, here’s the breakdown. Service / Maintenance – we’re here to help your bike be the best that it can be! We offer maintenance […]

Last week, we discussed the four common culprits of squeaky bike brakes – brake rub, gunk, glaze, and extreme elements. Well, this week, we’ll be diving into how to fix your squeaky bike brakes. So, let’s get started. Brake Rub – first, you want to make sure that everything is aligned correctly. It is difficult […]

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