CBB is all dressed up and ready for the Fruita Parade of Lights

Watch the Fruita Parade of Lights at CBB!

Fruita’s Parade of Lights is scheduled for December 14th, starting at 5:30 pm this year and we are excited!! Every year, we invite all of our customers and friends to CBB to watch the Parade of Lights with us. We’ll be ready for you all by 5 pm this year. If you’ve never been to […]

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Elite Suito Smart Trainer

Gift Ideas for the Bikers in Your Life

Right now, you’re probably sitting around waiting for the turkey dinner to be done. It’s the perfect time to start getting ideas or dropping hints for holiday gift ideas for the bikers in your life. We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite items in the shop.  CBB Hut Trip – these trips are best […]

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Disc break pads will have only 1mm or less of compound left when it is time to replace them.
Fruita Crash Pad can house your group in Fruita, Palisade, and Grand Junction!

Places to Stay During Your Fruita Vacation

While the rest of the state is getting cold and snow is starting to accumulate, Fruita is still sunny with perfect riding temperatures! There is still plenty of time to plan a weekend getaway to Fruita. So, where are some places to stay during your Fruita vacation? Here are some great options! Hotels/Motels – There […]

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Is it Time to Replace Your Bike Chain?

You might not give much thought to your bike chain, other than to lube it before a ride, but how do you know when it’s time to replace your bike chain? As your chain ages, each link’s internal bushings slowly lengthen. In turn, your now-longer chain puts added pressure on your cassette cogs and chainring […]

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What you need to keep in mind when riding your bike during the hot summer months

Bike Season is Still Happening in Fruita!

For many people, bike season is over – snow, cold temperatures, and overall bad weather put an end to the season pretty quickly. In Fruita, however, riding season continues long past most of the rest of the state! Temperatures may continue to decrease, but they are very different from anywhere else. Mornings start out cold, […]

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CBB Flat Tired Blowout 2019

CBB’s Annual Flat-Tired Blowout

It’s that time of the year where we say THANK YOU to all of our customers, and good-bye to the bike season. That’s right, the CBB Flat-Tired Blowout is happening this Saturday (October 26) starting at 10:00 am. So, what should you expect? Well, for starters, we will be having group rides leave the shop […]

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Corner your way down the Wrangler's Trail in the Kokopelli Trail System
CBB has all the tires you need for your bike

When Should you Replace your Bike Tires?

If you ride your bike, tires are one thing that you will have to replace at some point. New tires are an immediate upgrade to your bike and will provide improved traction and make all aspects of riding better. This is why you want to replace your bike tires when needed. They give you the […]

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Joes Ridge at 18 Road in Fruita will let you speed back to the trailhead

18 Road Mountain Bike Trails – What are They Like?

Fruita trails are unlike anything else, which is why we get so many visitors each year who come to try out the sweet singletrack. One of the most well-known in the area is the 18 Road Mountain Bike Trails. These are flowy and fun! Here are some of the quick facts of 18-Road / North […]

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