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There are so many gloves to choose from - get a pair you LOVE

If You Aren’t Wearing Gloves When You Ride, You Should!

We’ve heard all sorts of things when we ask people why they don’t wear gloves when riding their bike, but some serious benefits outweigh any negative we’ve heard. Here are the main benefits of wearing gloves while riding your bicycle. Grip –  you might not be a sweaty person, but when you ride your bike […]

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Sunglasses for every riding style
mountain bike rentals available at Colorado Backcountry Biker

Renting a Bike – How Does it Work?

Fall is fast approaching – you can feel it in the cool, crisp air that settles in during the morning hours. While fall means a lot of things to a lot of people, to us, it means fall mountain biking season in Fruita! We see an influx of visitors to our area and that means […]

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This Orbea road bike is the top of the line

Beginner’s Guide to Road Biking

Last week we talked about how to get into mountain biking, but maybe pedaling over rocks just isn’t your thing. How about road biking? We will go over a few things to get you started in the world of road riding. Find the Right Bike – choosing a bike that is best suited to the […]

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Mountain bike tires can make a huge difference to the ride of your bike.

Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking

Living on the Western Slope of Colorado allows you the opportunity to try so many new activities! I’m sure you have friends, family, or colleagues who mountain bike and maybe it has piqued your interest a little bit. Well, if you are new to the sport here are six tips to get you started on […]

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These are some of the tools that you'll love having on you if you have a mechanical problem during a bike ride.

7 Items to Pack for Every Bike Ride

You don’t want to be that person on the ride that comes unprepared, so what exactly should you be sure to pack on every bike ride? Here’s a shortlist of the seven items we think are the most important for every bike ride. Water – this is a basic item to pack for every ride. […]

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The CBB Group Road Ride Leaves The CBB Shop Every Saturday Morning.

The Saturday Morning Road Ride

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding a road bike forever, or if you think you want to dip a toe into the sport – the Saturday morning road ride is for you! Here’s the lowdown on what to expect. Logistics – the group meets at Colorado Backcountry Bike every Saturday morning. In the summer […]

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CBB Hut Trips provide the best experience avaiable

5 Hut Trip Facts To Maximize Your Experience

The heat has settled in the valley and all over the country. It’s a great time to think about booking a CBB Hut Trip! The hut trips are set at higher elevations, so you can peddle in some cooler temps and enjoy the scenic views of the mountains. Are you interested to learn more? Here […]

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Riding at 18 road in Fruita, Colorado

Tips to Beat the Heat

With the next few days (weeks) predicted to be in the upper 90s and 100-degree weather range, it is easy to want to stay inside where it’s cool. If you’re anything like us though, you really need to get outside to feel more balanced. So, what are you supposed to do on these incredibly hot […]

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