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CBB Hut Trip

photo by Julie Parker

Right now, you’re probably sitting around waiting for the turkey dinner to be done.

It’s the perfect time to start getting ideas or dropping hints for holiday gift ideas for the bikers in your life. We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite items in the shop. 

CBB Hut Tripthese trips are best taken with a group of people, so gather your friends or family and plan this for 2020. We’ve got a couple of great options to choose from, but whichever one you select, you will have the BEST time. We move your gear every day. We stock each hut with food and beverages, so you can spend your downtime relaxing. Dakine Tailgate Pad

Tailgate Cover – these range from $125 – $150 depending on the size of your truck. This is an easy way to haul a bunch of bikes to and from the trailheads in a safe manner. If that wasn’t enough, we are giving 10% off all tailgate pads from now until Christmas! We’ve got them in stock, so come down and grab one.

Elite Suito Smart TrainerElite Suito – this is a direct cassette mount electronic smart trainer. Priced at $799 + tax. This will get you through those short winter days and keep you in tip-top shape for spring. You can connect the Elite Suito to Zwift or any smart trainer app. We’ve got one set up in the shop, so stop in and check it out! Dakine 50L Bag

Dakine Duffle Bag – this 50L duffle is adorable and you can pack all of your bike goodies in it, making weekend getaways easy! On top of the pattern, size, and durability, it only costs $50! We only have a few of these, and we think they will be a hot item. Devinci Troy GX

Demo Bike – if you or someone you know wants to upgrade their bike on the cheap, a demo is a great way to achieve that. These are bikes that we haven’t sold from our 2019 demo fleet. We thoroughly go through each bike to ensure it is in great working order before you take ownership of it. You can see our current list on our website. It changes daily, so call or stop in for the most updated information.

Helmets Available at CBBBike Helmets – not many people purchase a helmet as often as they should, especially considering what an important job they hold in the event of a crash. If your family or friend loves riding and has been sporting the same helmet for a couple of seasons, do them a favor and gift them a new one. 

Women's Mountain Biking GearBike Gear – we have so much awesome gear at the shop, that you’re sure to find something in your size…I mean their size! Jerseys, shorts, chamois, socks, tanks, shoes and so much more. Whatever price point you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Orange Strider BicycleStrider Bikes – do you have a son, daughter, niece, or nephew that you want to love biking as much as you? Get them started early on a Strider! They are priced from $100 – $120 depending on color, and if you want a quick release or not. We’re offering 10% off of all our Strider bikes from now until Christmas. 

Sunglasses available at CBBShadesriding sunglasses are just as important as the ones we wear every day. We just got a new selection of styles, colors, and lens shades in. So, stop in and see what you want to gift. 

Gift Certificate – when in doubt about color, style, size, or anything else, go with the gift of choice – a gift certificate! It’s easy for you, and they can select something they will love forever. 

So, you’re welcome! We just made your life a whole lot easier and your holiday list a whole lot smaller by giving you a list of gift ideas for the bikers in your life. If you need any other advice about what gifts to give, just stop in. We’re happy to help!