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Fruita has plenty of awesome trails to offer riders of all skill levels – like the trails at the Kokopelli Mountain Bike Trail System!

View from Rustlers Trail in the Kokopelli Trail System

In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on the Kokopelli Trail System. We’re going to give you an example of some loops to put together for whatever level you’re wanting to ride.

The  Kokopelli Mountain Bike Trail System  is a wonderful trail for beginners. It is pretty mellow but has some parts to test your skills on. It also has breathtaking views overlooking the river, and some great stopping points where you can read signs of what is to come and how you can tackle those sections. 

Green/Blue: Mary’s to Wranglers – This trail is actually really doable for a beginner, but the first climb can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not physically fit. There are some ledges and other rock features that you might have to walk. Also, coming down Wranglers is going to test your cornering skills as a beginner. If you’re prepared for some obstacles that might be juuuuust outside of your reach, you will LOVE this. More great views, because you’re above other trails and just some flowy fun. Corner your way down the Wrangler's Trail in the Kokopelli Trail System

Blue: Mary’s to Steves – when you head out towards the tippy end of Mary’s Loop, you will encounter rocks, climbs, and drop-offs. Combined with Steve’s flow and some technical bits, and you’ve got a lot of fun! These trails look like a lollypop on the map and you’ll come back on Mary’s to the trailhead. The best part of the Kokopelli Trails is the views. It doesn’t really matter which trail you choose. They offer incredible views. You’ll want to stop and take photos to show your friends at home. 

Expert: Hawkeye to Mack to Troy Built – this initial climb might look like it meanders up the hill, but it is no joke. You will encounter sandy corners, rocky climbs, and some areas you just need to keep pedaling. There are even some optional lines to test your skills. Once you reach Mack Ridge, you think you’re in the clear, but there will be more climbing in your future. You will get technical descending and prolonged descents with challenges to keep you on your toes. Rocky, technical terrain is the name of the game, but you will encounter fewer people and have a longer, more epic ride!

The Kokopelli Trail System offers some amazing overlooksMust See:  Horsethief – you can’t go to Kokopelli Trails without checking out Horsethief Bench. This has the most epic drop in that only those who aren’t faint of heart will try. If you head up Mary’s Loop, you’ll see the sign for Horsethief after the terrain levels out a bit. Once you’re in the ‘bench you can expect flow, rocks, and some puckering descents. When you reach the drop-in point, you’re going to have to hike your bike back up to Mary’s Loop, unless you’re a magician. This is one of those trails that is in everyone’s photos and is extremely iconic. 

These are some of our favorite trails for each level at Kokopelli Trails, but if you want more info, stop into the shop! If you’re looking for a trail system a little more mellow, check out 18 Road Trails! No matter what you’re looking to ride, we’re happy to talk trail beta with you. We’re also happy to help you out with any of your other biking needs.