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There is something for everyone at the 18 Road Trails in Fruita, ColoradoFruita trails are unlike anything else, which is why we get so many visitors each year who come to try out the sweet singletrack.

One of the most well-known in the area is the 18 Road Mountain Bike Trails. These are flowy and fun! Here are some of the quick facts of 18-Road / North Fruita Desert.

Perfect for All Types. The North Fruita Desert has something for everyone. These trails offer some great shuttle laps, like PBR, Joe’s to MoJoe, and Kessel Run. 18-Road offers some more difficult trails for those who like a challenge, like Chutes and Ladders, and Zippety. This area even offers trails for people who are just starting and aren’t fans of exposure, like Vegetarian and Zip-Off. PBR at 18 Road Trails is a fast, flowy, downhill

Fast, Flowy, Fun. This area is known for its flow. If you’re looking for some chunky rock, you should be riding at Kokopelli or Lunch Loops. 18-Road Trails will make you feel like a kid again by being able to cruise down the trails fast and free. 

Short Connections. If you’re looking for an area where you can try all or most of the trails in a weekend, 18 Road is the perfect place. It’s easy to connect a few trails at a time and get the bike-high you’re looking for.

Shuttle Fun. This is a great area to get in your shuttle laps. If you’ve got some friends with trucks, meet up at the trailhead parking lot and pile into the top. From there you can go round after round on PBR, Joe’s, Zippety, and Kessel. Just make sure you stay hydrated during your laps.

Joes Ridge at 18 Road in Fruita will let you speed back to the trailheadThe Long Haul. 18 Road also has a seasonal trail, Sarlacc, that will let you put in the miles you’re looking for. It is only open May 1 – November 30 due to wildlife, but when it’s open you can get 10 miles (one-way) on just the trail. If you’re looking for more, you can choose from a few different starting points. More singletrack is in the process of being opened at the end of Sarlacc called Cicada which will offer even more seasonal riding above 18 Road.

Camping. There are campsites available right in the middle of these trails. Some are paid with amenities and some are free spots. All of them are within easy pedal distance to the trails in the North Fruita Desert. 

If you’re looking to ride bikes in Fruita, we’re your one-stop-shop! We can give you trail beta, complete maintenance on your bike, set you up on a rental, and we’ve got the gear you need if you’re looking for some new stuff or forgot something at home. Stop in to see how we can help make your Fruita adventure the best it can!