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Riding your bike in Fruita in the fall is amazing!Bike riding in Fruita in the fall is amazing! You won’t get much better weather than on the Western Slope of Colorado.

You get crisp, cool nights to camp, and sunny, warm days to pedal. Due to the variation of temperatures in one day, it can make packing a bit of a challenge, so we’ll help you out! Here are some suggestions for packing for a fall weekend in Fruita.

Mid-Weight Jacket – yes, you read that correctly. A jacket! Seriously, nighttime in the desert can get chilly (we’re talking mid-40s to lower-60s). So, don’t forget to pack a warm layer to throw on when the sun goes down. No need to thank us.

Sunscreen – even though it gets chilly at night, the sun is out showing off during the day. Pack. Your. Sunscreen. If you’re planning to be outside enjoying what Fruita has to offer, you’ll want to put your sunscreen on and reapply a couple of times throughout the day. Don’t be lulled into the fall weather, you still need to protect your skin. Hydration packs are great ways to make sure you've got plenty of water for those longer rides.

Water – if you’re not used to traveling in the desert, you might not realize how MUCH water you will need to consume throughout the day. Pssst. It’s a lot. Bring a couple of extra jugs of water when you’re here and be sure to drink them. Also, beer doesn’t count for your complete source of hydration. 

Riding Layers – if you plan to ride all day, you’re going to need a long-sleeve option in the morning and possibly a tank top for the afternoon. Be sure to pack a few different layer options that fit well into your pack and layer each other well. This could include packing your arm and knee warmers and some full-finger gloves!

If you have any questions about what’s going on with your bike, what trails to ride in Fruita, or what the weather has been like, call us! We’re happy to help answer your bike-related questions, even if it’s just about packing for a fall weekend in Fruita!