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We love all the things about the Devinci Hatchet.

Devinci-Hatchet-Side-ViewIt’s a very capable gravel and all-road bike, but can also be a fantastic cyclocross bike option. We’re going to give you our rundown of the Hatchet and why we love it so darn much!

Let’s get the technical information out of the way first and foremost. The Devinci Hatchet can be purchased with a road or gravel spec. Tires can be between 32 – 40mm. For a medium Hatchet, it has the following specs: seat angle of 73.5 degrees, head angle of 71 degrees, wheelbase of 1,046mm, and a reach of 39.5cm. Its MTB-inspired geometry includes a longer top tube and shorter stem that increases the handling on loose, technical terrain. Devinci-Hatchet-Top-View

This bike specs a TON of different build kits, so depending on the model you’re interested in depends on the components that come standards on it. There are four build kits for the gravel models, and eight for the open-road model. The Hatchet is also available in carbon or aluminum. Seriously, with all these options you’re sure to find one to suit your preferences and budget. 

Devinci-Hatchet-Front-ViewSpeaking of budget, this gravel/road bike is at a fantastic price point! The open-road bike models start at $1,099 and go up to $2,899. The gravel models are priced between $1,299 – $3,299. 

We find the Devinci Hatchet so much fun – especially around here! We’re able to hang with the Gravel Group to pedal the Riverfront trail out to the Kokopelli Trails and do some Rustler’s laps or pedal with the CBB Saturday road ride crowd. It is versatile and highly capable for all the fun to be had in the Grand Valley. If you’re interested in trying out one of these sweet bikes, stop in! We’ve got a few options available as rentals, or we can build one to suit your needs.