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breathable jerseysIt’s already starting to heat up in the desert, which means the trails start to clear out.

But if you’re still looking to get some great riding in Fruita, how can you keep your cool? Here are 7 cycling tips to stay cool in the summer heat.

1. Go Early – we know this option doesn’t work for everyone due to different schedules and preferences, but if you can go early, do! It gets light out early (before 6 am). So, you’ve got a little bit of time to take advantage of the cooler temps before heading to work or whatever else you’ve got planned for the day.

2. Shady Side – think about your route and stick to the shady side of life, if possible. We all know some trails that have better coverage during various parts of the day, so work that into your plan when possible. Club Ride shirt

3. The Right Gear – what you wear can help you stay cool in the summer heat. Full-zip jerseys allow you to get rid of that extra heat when climbing, but you can stay covered when descending. Lightweight materials, like mesh jerseys, can give you get the airflow needed during the summer temperatures. 

4. Swamp Cooler Mentality – the reason swamp coolers are so prevalent in the desert is that they work! When you start to get overheated, just dump some water on your head and clothing. The air going through the wet fabric will create a cooling effect, if just for a little bit.

5. Hydration – if you’ve spent any time in the desert, you know that water is vital. Make sure you always pack more water than you think you’ll need, especially when it gets hot. Your body will lose lots of fluids on a ride and you need to try and keep up!

orange hydration packs

6. Sunblock – even if you’re just heading out for a short ride, you’ll want to put on some sunscreen. The sun here is brutal and sunburns are no joke and no fun. You can even get some SPF gear to help keep your body protected.

7. Go Slow – if you’re out in the heat of the day, don’t try to set the fastest Strava time. Just go out for a relaxed ride. If you’re doing your interval training, reduce the length of each effort, or go slightly slower. You can still get a great ride in without putting more stress on your body.

Riding in Fruita during the off-season can be great! You’ll have the trails mostly to yourself, but there’s the heat to consider. Be sure to use these cycling tips to stay cool in the summer heat. If you need any new gear or beta on routes, stop in! We’d be happy to make some recommendations.