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When you ride your bike, you want to be as comfortable as possible. I mean, comfort adds to the fun of it all! 

CBB Cycling ShortsIn a previous blog, we talked about your contact points and why it is important to take special care of the equipment you purchase to ease those points. For your bike, getting your saddle right is imperative! For yourself, what bike shorts you choose matters. So, today we’re going to discuss the benefits of cycling shorts. 

Comfort – almost everyone who started riding bikes has sworn they would NEVER wear those diaper looking shorts, but we all do. Why? COMFORT! They are padded in all the right places making it easier on your body for long and short rides alike. Cycling shorts are stretchy and move with you as you pedal over lots of things. They might look strange at first, but the benefits of cycling shorts will make you forget your distaste for the look of them. Winter Cycling Shorts

Breathable – the light spandex material lets your body breathe and it wicks away moisture. When you’re talking about the friction that occurs when riding, wicking is important to your overall comfort. 

Inside of CBB Cycling ShortsVibration Control – the padding from cycling shorts dampens the vibration from bumps in the road and uneven terrain. Smoother ride and more comfort? Yes, please!

Compression – keeping things in place is another huge benefit of cycling shorts. When you find the perfect fit for your cycling shorts, it keeps all items where they’re supposed to be, which also helps to prevent chafing spots on your body. Cycling shorts also come in different forms – regular shorts or bibs. Bibs are the ones that have straps on your shoulders, which might seem strange, but that extra length can mean more comfort depending on your body. BIB Cycling Shorts

As a final note, no. You do not wear undies with your cycling shorts, but please wear them when you’re trying them on in a shop. Cycling shorts are meant to be directly against your skin otherwise the wicking and compression don’t work like they’re supposed to. Also, it causes unnecessary chafing with all that extra fabric involved. 

So, if you’ve been debating the benefits of cycling shorts, just do it! We promise that you’ll end up loving them. Also, we’ve got a good selection of different styles, so you can find one that works best for you!