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This Orbea road bike is the top of the lineLast week we talked about how to get into mountain biking, but maybe pedaling over rocks just isn’t your thing. How about road biking?

In this blog, will go over a few things as a beginner’s guide to road biking.

Find the Right Bike – choosing a bike that is best suited to the road will make your experience a lot more fun. Lightweight bikes with skinny ties and efficient riding geometry will help you navigate paved paths and roads. As always, come in to talk to our mechanics to see what they think would be the best bike for you depending on your riding goals.

Fit Your Bike – getting the correct fit on your bike is just as important as finding the right bike in the first place. Even after your bike is set up, pay attention to what feels right and what might need to be tweaked – after all, pro athletes still tweak their bike for performance even after riding thousands of miles. If you need help to get a more comfortable fit, jut st stop in! We’re happy to help you tweak your bike fit. bike helmets at CBB

Gear Up – after the first step is complete, you need to find things to ride in that are efficient and comfortable for your new favorite sport.

A helmet is a major factor! Find a helmet that fits your head without hitting the pressure points. Pressure points from a helmet can be uncomfortable or give you a headache ache if you wear it for more than a few minutes. There are many helmet manufacturers out there, so try on a bunch and see which one fits you best!

Start your journey with flat pedals and athletic shoes. Then, when you’re ready you might want to up your game to clipless shoes and pedals. 

Ride Style – some people start road riding and become a competitive beast! Others prefer to ride as a leisure group activity. Whatever you find your riding style to be, foster its growth. Our Saturday morning road rides are the perfect opportunity to try out different styles. They range from fast competition to the less quick and more conversational group.

We've got the bike pumps you are looking for!Know the Basics – we can not stress this enough. – know how to fix a flat. This is one of the most common problems riders have. Lots of people still can’t change a flat tire on their own. Having this skill will make you feel so much more confident about riding long distances. 

Road riding can give you a lot of freedom and allow you to see parts of this and other communities that you might not see in a motor vehicle. The freedom you feel while riding a road bike might hook you for life. Call or stop in today to talk to our staff to learn more about the beginner’s guide to road biking.