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mountain bike rentals available at Colorado Backcountry BikerFall is fast approaching – you can feel it in the cool, crisp air that settles in during the morning hours. While fall means a lot of things to a lot of people, to us, it means fall mountain biking season in Fruita!

We see an influx of visitors to our area and that means more bike rentals going out the door. We make renting a bike easy! Here’s the rundown of what to expect with a rental from Colorado Backcountry Biker. 

The Rental Process – you can call or fill out the form on our website to get the rental process started. Just let us know what bike you’re interested in, or you can give us an idea of where you want to go and what trails you’d like to ride. We can suggest a great bike for you based on that information! If you fill out the form online, that does NOT guarantee a bike rental. We will contact you to confirm your reservation after receipt of your submission.road bike rentals available at Colorado Backcountry Biker

Rental Rates – We offer two different options for rental rates. You can rent a bike for a ½ day or a full day. Our half-day is a 4-hour time period and is $45. Our full-day is 24-hours from when you pick it up and costs $69 – $85 depending on the bike. A full-day rental is a great option for those weekend warriors who get into town late and want to pick their bike up before the shop closes. This means you can pick your bike up Friday evening and not have to return it until Saturday evening. This gives you the most time to ride your new favorite trails!

What to Bring – You need to bring riding clothes and shoes (unless you want to purchase new ones at the shop). If you are a clipless pedal rider, you should also bring your pedals. We can put them on the bike for you! We do offer pedals of your choice we can put on the bike. Bringing your own helmet is great, but if you can’t fit it in your suitcase, or you’re brand new to the sport, we have some that you can use. Other things to pack are items you’d normally bring on a bike ride: water, snacks, tools, and a spare tube.

mountain bike rentals available at Colorado Backcountry BikerBike Rack – it is best if you have a way to transport the bikes to the trailheads. If you don’t have a truck or a bike rack, we do have some bike racks for rent at $10 per day. Please line a bike rack rental up with us ahead of time to ensure we’ve got one for you. 

What We Provide – we make sure to fit the bike to your specifications. That means we will check the seat height and suspension (if renting a mountain bike) to make sure it is set up just for you! We will also give you all the info on trails that you might like best based on your preferences. We love geeking out about our local trails, so just ask us what we’d recommend to you!

If you have any questions (big OR small) that pop into your mind about your rental bike, just call or email us! We’re so happy to help make your Fruita experience the best it can be.