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The Kokopelli Trail System offers some amazing overlooksWhen riding your bike, there are 3 or 5 contact points (depending on how you look at it) – meaning, there are only a few places where your body makes contact with the bike.

Due to the small number, it is crucial to make those bicycle contact points as comfortable as possible to make it the best experience for you! So, let’s jump into the bicycle contact points and what parts to take an extra look at for more comfort. Bars and stem can make a huge difference in bike riding comfort

Hands – your hands are two of the contact points on your bicycle. When you think about components on your bike that associate with these points, they include grips, bars, and stem. Grips seem the most obvious – they are what you’re holding on to, after all. There are different types of grips out there to fit each hand, and there are also grips that will help decrease the road/trail vibration. In addition to grips, bars and stem can adjust how comfortably you’re connecting with your bike. Bars can also decrease vibration, or they can be stiffer, depending on the feel you’re looking for. The width, rise, and sweep can adjust how your hands connect at the grip and also impact how your wrists and shoulders fit into the rider triangle. A stem can adjust how your body position sits, which could make a big difference in the comfort level while riding.

Find a saddle that fits your sit bonesButtlast week, we talked a lot about saddles and trying to find the right one for you. No matter what riding style you have, there is a saddle for it, and you! So, check out last week’s blog for the ins and outs of saddles. The saddle position and angle can have a huge impact on how the saddle and your entire body feels. 

Feet – your last two points are your feet! You want to be sure that your feet have a sturdy base that allows you to get the most power transfer possible. You can go with flats or clipless, but whatever you choose, make sure they work for you and don’t give you any pain points while you’re riding. If you are riding clipless, your cleat position and rotation can have a massive impact on how your knees feel after a long ride.

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We know that customizing your bike can take a lot of research, but we’re here to help! We know the different brands and benefits of each component, so if you’re having a challenging time finding your perfect fit, contact us! We’d be happy to suggest some options to make sure your bicycle contact points are spot-on for your riding style.