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Alex "The Wrench" McDonald Photo by Devon Balet

Follow CBB’s Alex “The Wrench” McDonald on his excellent adventure!

One of our expert mechanics, Alex, is taking some time off from wrenching to get in a little bit of saddle time on his singlespeed to bikepack the Arizona Trail. Just a little saddle time. If you Google Map it by bike, it’s around 62 hours and 740 miles. It’s actually closer the 1300 miles, give or take. He began his trip February 13th and he should be back around here sometime in March.

Alex is carrying a Garmin GPS so we can track his every move. He is also going to be taking over our Instagram feed from time to time along the way to share some of the sights and his insights. Let’s all live vicariously through him and cheer him on!

If you can’t see the map above, go to the Garmin website.