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An interview with Tony “El Jefe” Uriguen reveals how he developed his mechanical mastery of two wheeled vehicles and how it has served as the root of the fast growing endeavor known as CBB by the Fruita biking community.

How did you get your start?

I was born in northern Nevada and as a young boy in the 80’s there were not many opportunities for cycling so most of my youth was spent chasing the motocross circuit trying to become the latest and greatest pro to no avail, of course. But that experience provided ample opportunity to learn how to build and maintain motocross bikes that could withstand the rigorous demands of racing. Little did I know at the time how well this experience would translate into the world of bicycling. The mechanics are very similar.

Did you make a living as a professional motocross racer?

I was more like a semi-pro and I paid the bills for awhile but then I had to become an adult and pay the bills for my family. I spent 18 years in the commercial glazing industry putting up big corporate buildings of glass. During this time I used motorcycles as an outlet for freedom and family fun.

Tony "The Wrench"

Sounds like a lot of motorcycling. When did you start bicycling?

We moved to Fruita in the early 2000’s to get away from the city life in Phoenix. I had a few serious injuries and was introduced to cycling as physical therapy and oh boy that turned into something amazing! I was a grown man but every time I rode the bicycle you would have thought I was a 10 year old boy all over again. And here I was living in one of the best biking cities in the whole world!

We don’t care how much or how little you ride. Our #1 goal is that you are happy when you do it.

Great hobby but how did you get involved with CBB?

Years went by and still the one place I was always happy was on a bike. So I started my own construction company so that my family and I would be able to afford a lifestyle of bike racing and riding. This was fantastic and I thought it could get no better, until one day a good friend of mine (Kevin Godar) came to me with a plan. He wanted to open a bike shop to go along with COLORADO BACKCOUNTRY BIKER (CBB) his already existing hut to hut mountain bike tour company. He asked me to be his partner and within ten minutes we were discussing how to make it happen.

What makes CBB different?

We really wanted to create a hometown friendly bike shop where everyone, young and old, male or female would be welcome. In our shop we strive to provide old world customer service with new world technologies and make everyone who enters feel as if they are at home. We don’t care how much or how little you ride our #1 goal is that you are happy when you do it.

What does CBB have planned for 2016 and beyond?

Tony "The Wrench"

Onward and upward!! We are working hard at becoming the must stop hometown shop for everyone. For locals and travelers alike. We eat, sleep, and drink bicycles. Our belief is that if it has wheels and pedals, we love it and we will do anything to keep our customers riding.  To accomplish this we have family oriented, weekly shop rides beginning in May and our Flat Tired Blowout in the fall is a “must attend” event for local bike enthusiasts.

Our patio, the “Cooler”, is open for  and we hope that it will become the origin and conclusion of many bike rides in the future.

For us at CBB it is about our customers and their passion for this sport and our ability to keep that passion alive and well. We will continue to offer the best in service, parts and advice while making sure the customer experience at CBB is second to none.