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CBB Featured in Wall Street Journal Article

mountain biker“I had seen pictures of the canyons in adventure magazines,” wrote the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Alissa Johnson. “but it was infinitely more impressive in person, so deep we couldn’t see where our trail ended.”

That was one of the impressions left by Colorado Backcountry Biker’s (CBB) hut to hut mountain biking trip on the author of a nearly full page feature article printed in the WSJ’s September 7th’s weekend edition.

Another impression left on the author was the importance of a quality rental bike.  Mountain bikes have a lot of moving parts so it is important to rent one that has been well taken care of and professionally maintained.  Apparently, she did not have a good experience with her rental bike during her CBB trip. No need to mention the shop it came from but her trip pre-dated the opening of the CBB Shop by one month.

“The main impetus for opening the CBB Bike Shop in Fruita was to have a quality rental fleet to support our trips,” stated CBB president Kevin Godar. “We immediately brought in Yeti Cycles as a partner to let people know we were serious and we have since added Devinci Bikes to our Fleet.”

Godar partnered with Tony Uriguen to manage the shop and has now added long time Grand Valley bike wrench Keith Benedetto to ensure all of the bikes receive proper attention.

“People travel from all over the country to do the CBB trips and it is very important that they have a solid rig to take with them on the trails”, added Uriguen.


The author of the Wall Street Journal article wrote very highly of her backcountry adventure experience with CBB.  In the future, she can be confident that her bike will be just as good now that the CBB Bike Shop is on the job.

CBB has also been featured in National Geographic, Outdoor and Bicycle Magazines.

The WSJ article can be seen here.