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Your Bikes Suspension Needs Your Attention

Shred in Fruita!

Are you having a hard time controlling your bike through the rocky bumps of Mack Ridge or Moore Fun?  Maybe you aren’t getting quite enough push coming out of the high banks of Kessel’s Run or Zippity?  Or maybe you’re just tired of your mountain bike sounding like the tambourine section of a bad band.

Whichever the case, it might be time to consider servicing your bike’s suspension.  All front fork and rear shock manufacturers have different recommended service intervals but its a safe bet that “annually’ is going to show up in most owner’s manuals. Quality suspension components use oil to control the wheel over bumps and to lubricate the internal parts as they slide up and down.  Over time the seals will wear and allow oil to seep out and dirt and water to creep into the chamber.  This can lead to internal damage of the component and an expensive repair job.

Lack of use is also a bad excuse to deprive your suspension of the service it needs.  No use can be worse than heavy use because the seals and o-rings need to stay lubricated or they will dry-out causing shrinking and leaking.

Keep an eye out for oil rings above seals which typically indicates oil is passing through the seals and dirt is passing the other way.  No bueno.  Keep an ear out for any clicking ticking or metal to metal sounds.  Muy malo.  This probably means a substantial amount of oil has leaked from the fork and there is internal damage.

Your suspension is an integral part of your bike when it comes to ride experience and financial investment.  I suggest you protect both by regularly servicing these components.
There are typically two types of service:

1) Seal and wiper replacement plus oil change.
2) Full damper service plus seals, wipers and oil replacement.

If you have any questions, call me at 970 858-3917 and we can take a look at your bike and see what it needs to…….. 

Make every ride a great ride!

Tony the Wrench

Colorado Backcountry Biker

A Full Service Bike Shop in Fruita, Colorado