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10685461_10154879360055184_9181230762450072016_nAs the holidays and colder weather approach its time to think about a strategy to combat the accumulation of rust on our bodies and on our bikes.

First things first, don’t think the body or bike can’t take a little cold weather activity. With the invention of lightweight winter gear a bike ride is usually an option. And one of the great benefits of living n the Grand Valley is the abundance of radiant heat so 40 can sometimes feel like 60.

So make sure you keep your bike ready to roll because you don’t want to miss an opportunity that is sure to present itself. You also have to make sure that you are in as good a shape as your bike on those Indian summer days.

One of the things more and more people are incorporating into the holidays is a Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day run or ride. The 8th Annual Turkey Trot in Grand Junction is sponsored by the firefighters and offers everyone a chance to get out and run or walk before indulging in a day of feasting. It also is a specific event that you can target. A month of training culminating in a good run will kick off your celebration in guilt free style.

If a run/walk isn’t inspiring you and the weather is looking good, organize a bike ride with your friends and family prior to kicking off your holiday cheers. It is a healthy tradition that can really be fun for everyone. Make a game out of it and give out awards to all those who participate.

Make a healthy plan to approach this holiday season and I guarantee you that extra helping of turkey and pumpkin pie will taste even better!

Make every ride a great ride!

Tony the Wrench