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Well, it’s finally happened. The weather in the Grand Valley has gotten cold and snowy.

2019 Devinci Carbon TroyNot as cold as the mountain areas around us, but we have all become thin-skinned, so this feels freezing! But, don’t worry, we still like to get out and ride our bikes no matter where the temperatures go. After all, that’s why layers were invented! Keep reading to find some of our favorite cold-weather gear for bike riding.

Thermal Tights – you can get these in the bib variety, or just a nice warm regular tight layer. Personally, I prefer anything fleece-lined for my legs. This is such an important base layer when bicycling in the winter. You want to keep your leg muscles and knees warm on your rides, but still have the flexibility to not feel like puffed up marshmallow.

Long-Sleeved Jersey – wool or another synthetic wicking fiber is preferred. You don’t want to wear cotton next to your skin as it soaks up your sweat and holds it next to your skin leaving you feeling a little damp and cold. 

Pullover – a light fleece or wind-resistant jacket is the best choice for those windy riding days. A packable pullover is great because there will be times when you want it on and others when it is too warm and you’ll need to stow it in your pack.

Garneau Winter Skull Hat

Garneau Winter Skull Hat

Softshell Jacket – we have mostly cold, but dry conditions here on the Western Slope of Colorado. A softshell jacket is ideal for those conditions. It keeps you warm and dry and helps alleviate wind penetration. 

Headwear – a wool stocking cap, or helmet liner is a must for riding in cold weather. You can lose immense amounts of heat through your noggin’, so make sure to keep that heat in by covering up.

100% Brisker Gloves

100% Brisker Gloves

Gloves – so important in the winter!! Luckily for us, companies make all sorts of winter riding gloves, so you can have a pair for just about every condition – super cold, rainy, or light material for just a slight chill. 

Footwear – extra insulation for your feet will make more of a difference than you can imagine. Sure, socks will help, but once they get sweaty and wet, you’re going to feel all the cold wind coming through. There are also shoe covers you can buy that are wind-resistant and mostly waterproof to put over your riding shoes.

Don’t let this weather keep you off your bike! Stop in when we re-open, tomorrow. We can help you pick out or order some great cold-weather gear options to keep you warm all winter long. We’re here to help you make the most out of every ride!