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Winter has finally struck the Grand Valley. We got our first snowfall the day after Christmas, the trails are wet.

Learn the ABC’s of Quick Bike MaintenanceIn addition to that, we’re on a short vacation until January 3rd. So, what does that mean for your bike? Well, it could be great news, because you can complete these 6 easy bike maintenance items at home to pamper your bike a little.

ABC’s – this is in reference to air, brakes, and chain. These easy things can be completed quickly and should be checked before each ride. 

Cleaning – now is the perfect time to go through your entire bike and give it a good cleaning. Get all the year’s gunk off of it. This includes chainrings, cassettes, your frame, and everything in between. A little bit of Simple Green, an old toothbrush, and some elbow grease goes a long way in making your bike like new again. A clean bike is a happy bike! We've got the bike tires you need!

Lube – after you’ve done a thorough job of cleaning it, go back through and lube all those parts that need it. Keep lube away from brake pads and braking surfaces. Chains and cables work much more effectively when lubed. Don’t overdo it though, over lubrication can attract dirt and debris.

Tires – check your tread and the wear of your tires. If you’ve done a few miles on this set, it might be time to get some new ones before next year. If they look good, just inflate them.

Grips and Tape – now is a great time to check your grips or your handlebar tape. If they look worn, you can easily replace them. 

Five Ten ShoesShoes – this might go unnoticed while you’re looking at your bike, but you need to look at the bottom of your shoes to make sure they aren’t too battered. Is the rubber wearing thin or gone? Can you remember the last time you replaced your cleats? Take some of that Christmas money or gift card and treat ‘yo self to some new kicks or refresh your clipless shoes with some new cleats.

If you notice anthing odd while you’re trucking through these easy bike maintenance items, bring it in when we return on January 3rd! We’re happy to look things over and give you an honest opinion if it needs to be replaced or not. Remember, we’re here to help you make the most of every ride.