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It might feel like summer is in full swing here on the Western Slope, but we all know it will probably get hotter.

Joes Ridge at 18 Road in Fruita will let you speed back to the trailheadWith that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summertime bike rides around the area to ride when the heat hits The Valley. 

Turkey Flats – this area is located on Glade Park, so you’ll increase your level of elevation and decrease the temps for your ride. This area is heavily treed, so bringing bug spray isn’t a bad idea. It’s a 9.5-mile loop that is labeled intermediate/difficult. Mostly, this designation is due to the loose uphill with dirt and rocks.

Flowing Park on the Grand Mesa – this is another great place to ride to escape the lower valley heat. There are a couple of fun trails up there, but we like Flowing Park, which is a 15.2-mile loop, with little elevation change. Flowing Park is considered intermediate, due to the few rock gardens that you’ll encounter. It also has some spectacular views!

Powderhorn – if you’re looking to beat the heat and pedal-less, check out our local resort. The trails are super fun, with something for the whole family. Lift tickets are reasonably priced with a full-day pass only costing $29! If park is your kind of riding, consider a season pass for $139 for an adult and $99 for a youth pass.

Sarlacc Trails – these are not as cool in temperature as some of the others on our list, but they’ve got great views and are super fun! These trails were constructed by the local moto group, so keep an ear out for other traffic when riding. This is not a directional trail, and it 10.1 miles from one end to the other. You’ll love the views from here too!


CBB Hut Trip

photo by Julie Parker

18 Road Shuttle Laps – when it gets hot, grab some friends and start the shuttle laps! 18 Road is a great location to shuttle some or all of your rides for an afternoon. From the top, you can hit PBR, Kessel Run, Joes Ridge, MoJoe, and Zippety Do Da. The nice thing about shuttle laps is it gives you ample opportunity for rehydration in between.

CBB Hut Trips – Want a long week or weekend away from the heat? Book one of our hut trips! These trips are self-guided, but we will transfer your gear from one hut to the next. You’ll also find each hut stocked with food for dinner and breakfast and plenty of your favorite beverages. Grab some family or friends (up to 8) and hit some higher elevation trails together. 

With this list of our favorite summertime bike rides, you should be able to get your bike fill throughout the hot season. If you want any more beta on trails to ride, conditions, or preferred gear, stop in or call us! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.