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CBB Rental FleetIf you’re ready to get your first bike or upgrade your bike, you know that there are A LOT of choices.

It can become a little overwhelming with all the available options. So, what should you do? The best thing to do is to demo a bike before you buy it! 

There aren’t many big-ticket items that you can truly take for a test before you commit to it. Bikes are one of the exceptions! When you demo a bike from a shop, you get to take it on the trails and see how it works for you. You’re allowed to ride it on things that you’re used to, so you can compare how well it does (or doesn’t). Rental Bike - Transition

Not all bikes are created equal for everyone. We inherently all have our riding styles and goals. The bike your buddy rides might be the most amazingly perfect bike for them, but if you get it out on the trail it might not be for you. This is the reason why you should always demo a bunch of bikes before you commit to one. Especially, if you’re on the fence about what to get. 

To get started with a demo just head in your friendly bike shop and let them know what you’re looking for. This could be as simple as, “I like doing hot laps at 18 Road!” They will be able to direct you towards a few bikes to try that suit your riding style and goals. 

Rental Bikes - Devinci HatchetThe best way to get an accurate comparison is to ride all the bikes on the same trail, even if it seems a bit boring. You can see exactly how each one handles, climbs, and descends, or whatever. To accurately remember all of your thoughts, take notes after you ride each one. Put what you loved or didn’t. It’s easier to remember the good, bad, and ugly when you have notes to refer back to. 

Remember that all bikes are customizable. If you love almost everything about a bike, except for one thing, tell your shop mechanics. It could be something easily adjustable. There are lots of things you can adjust on a bike. One of those things might just be the item that has you doubting your bike choice. 

When you’re looking for your new bike, having a friendly and helpful bike shop is an incredible asset! You can talk through your decision with them at each step. Plus, when you need to service your bike they are already familiar with you, your bike, and how you like things. The team at CBB is here to help your bike dreams come true! We’d love to have you rent some of the bikes we carry and help you find the one you’ve been hoping for. Stop in today to demo a bike before you buy it!