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Water Bottles are a cheap and easy way to carry water on bike ridesHello, summer. You came out of nowhere and now we need to kick it in gear to make sure we stay hydrated.

Hydration is important to your health, and you always want to consume more water than you think necessary, especially on hot days when you’re exerting so much energy. No matter what you ride or where you’re going, there is a hydration option for you. Here are the pros and cons of the most popular options.

Water Bottles – packing water bottles in the cages on your bike, or the pockets in your jersey can be an easy way to get the hydration you need this summer without all the weight that comes with some of the other options. This option is a lightweight, easy solution, as long as you have stations to refill for those longer rides. Water bottles are also inexpensive, and so are the cages that mount to your bike. The downside is mounting can be tricky on some bike models, depending on the geometry and set up. Hydration packs are more expensive, but you can fit lots of items in them for all-day activities

Hydration Pack – this option lets you pack a ton of water, as well as your bike maintenance tools, extra layers, and snacks! It can be heavy, depending on how much stuff you put in your pack, but for those rides where you’re not sure where you can refuel, this is a wonderful option! Hydration packs are the most expensive option, but they are versatile and wear down slowly, so one will last you a few years. You also have the option of different sized bladders, so you can pack more water for longer rides, and less water for shorter rides.

Hip packs are growing in popularity as the hydration choice for bikersHip Packs – No, not a fanny pack – that’s so not enduro. This option is becoming more popular because it allows you to pack the essentials for a bike ride (tube, pump, snack, water) without being so heavy or cumbersome. It also sits lower on your body allowing your center of gravity to remain similar to what you’re used to and allows you easier access to the things you’ve packed. Hip packs come in two styles – one that allows you to fit a water bottle in it, and the other one that comes with a small bladder system. Whichever option you choose is solely up to you and your preferences.

As with most bike gear, what you choose is highly dependent on your preferences, and what you ride. Most people we know have two of these options, so they have the best hydration solution for their rides. If you’re not sure which one (or two) is best for your style, stop by or give us a call. We’re happy to talk you through these options to help you decide. We also carry all of these hydration options, so you can see them in real life and get a feel for them. Stay hydrated, my friends.