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multi-tool usesWe talk a lot about having a multi-tool in your bike pack. You might be wondering what’s so great about a multi-tool anyway, and why do you keep pushing them on me?!

Well, here’s a couple of great multi-tool uses and why you should keep them handy when you’re out riding. 

Tighten Bolts and Seats – when you’re out riding, sometimes things can shake loose. This can happen if you’ve just adjusted your seat or replaced a part on your bike. When putting these items back on your bike, the bolts could still be a little loose. Multi-tools give you the option of having a tool handy to quickly tighten these items and keep on pedaling.

Adjust Derailleur – having a screwdriver handy can keep you from wanting to pull your hair out if you’re derailleur needs adjusting. Being able to make this little adjustment mid-ride will keep your bike running smoothly, and make it easier for you.

Adjust Your Handlebars/Stem having a tool that allows you to adjust your handlebars during your ride will keep you comfortable. If you’re out and you notice your riding position is a little off, you can adjust on the go and be in a better position for what’s coming up.

Brakes – are you reaching too far to hit the brakes? If you have a multi-tool in your pack, you can quickly adjust the distance to your brake levers. Again, this is a comfort issue, which will make your ride better!

Chain Repair – some of the larger multi-tools come with a chain tool included. So, you can replace that wonky link with one that works. If you happen to break a chain (you beast!), a chain tool will allow you to remove any damaged links for reinstalling your chain.

There are many more things that multi-tools can do if you get the right one for your bike and you know how to use it! We carry a variety of Park Tool Multi-tools in stock, depending on your preference. We suggest a smaller tool for shorter rides that are close to home and a beefier one for those epic adventures. You don’t want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere stuck without a way to fix your bike. If you have any questions, call us or stop in. We’d love to walk you through the multi-tool uses.