You might not give much thought to your bike chain, other than to lube it before a ride, but they, like most things, wear out over time. As your chain ages, each link’s internal bushings slowly lengthen. In turn, your now-longer chain puts added pressure on your cassette cogs and chainring teeth, causing them to […]

Just like any changing of the seasons, fall is a great opportunity to double-check some of the items on your bike to make sure everything is still looking good and you’re ready to finish the biking season strong! Here are a few items that might need your focus. Tires – depending on how many miles […]

Are you a fanatic about what kind of tires you put on your bike, or do you not even care? If you’re the latter, should you? Well, just like most things bike related, depending on what type of biking you do, there are different tires that work best with those different scenarios. New tires are […]

In the past couple of blogs, we’ve talked about the need to make sure your suspension gets serviced regularly. This week, we’ll dive in to explain why it is so important. Just like your car, your bike needs regular service to keep everything running like it should and to get the most out of your […]

While we still have some snow on the ground in Western Colorado, spring will be here before you know it! Is your bike ready to hit the trails when the weather changes? Here are some items to consider doing yourself before spring. Or, you can bring your bike to your local bike shop (CBB!). 1. […]

The winter is the perfect time to putz around your garage and work on all of those small projects that you don’t want to do during the fun months! Easy bike maintenance is one of those little jobs that you can quickly accomplish right now. We like to refer to them as the ABC’s of […]

Your Bikes Suspension Needs Your Attention Are you having a hard time controlling your bike through the rocky bumps of Mack Ridge or Moore Fun?  Maybe you aren’t getting quite enough push coming out of the high banks of Kessel’s Run or Zippity?  Or maybe you’re just tired of your mountain bike sounding like the […]

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