Sometimes, your bike chain can be overlooked. You might think you just did it, or not realize that you have to do any maintenance to it at all!  If you’re not completing regular bicycle chain maintenance on your chain, you could be causing more damage than you think. Your chain picks up road grime, dust, […]

We talk a lot about having a multi-tool in your bike pack. You might be wondering what’s so great about a multi-tool anyway, and why do you keep pushing them on me?! Well, here’s a couple of great multi-tool uses and why you should keep them handy when you’re out riding.  Tighten Bolts and Seats […]

Sometimes, you just need to do a little bike maintenance at home to keep your bike clean and running well. So, what are the best bike maintenance tools to have for those small projects that you’d like to complete yourself? Floor Pump – you should check your tire pressure before every ride, so make sure […]

Winter has finally struck the Grand Valley. We got our first snowfall the day after Christmas, the trails are wet. In addition to that, we’re on a short vacation until January 3rd. So, what does that mean for your bike? Well, it could be great news, because you can complete these 6 easy bike maintenance […]

You will need to replace your brake pads from time to time. You might notice the need to replace your brake pads more after heavy winter use due to more grit and grime on the roads during that season. So, what should you look for to determine if it’s time to replace your bike pads? […]

You might not give much thought to your bike chain, other than to lube it before a ride, but how do you know when it’s time to replace your bike chain? As your chain ages, each link’s internal bushings slowly lengthen. In turn, your now-longer chain puts added pressure on your cassette cogs and chainring […]

Just like any changing of the seasons, fall is a great opportunity to double-check some of the items on your bike to make sure everything is still looking good. Fall bike maintenance allows you to finish the biking season strong! Here are a few items that might need your focus. Tires – depending on how […]

Are you a fanatic about what kind of tires you put on your bike, or do you not even care? If you’re the latter, should you? Well, just like most things bike related, depending on what type of biking you do, there are different tires that work best with those different scenarios. New tires are […]

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