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Joes Ridge at 18 Road in Fruita will let you speed back to the trailheadSo, you’re planning your spring biking trip to Fruita – GREAT! While you can expect mostly stellar conditions in the spring, the weather doesn’t always comply. 

So, what should you do if it rains one of the mornings or days that you’re here? Don’t worry. Fruita is home to a few different types of trails in different locations. Here’s what you do if there is rain on your bike weekend.

Check the Local Trail Conditions – you can give us a call at the shop to get current trail beta. In addition to that, there is also a Facebook group dedicated to trail conditions on the Western Slope. Weather doesn’t always hit the entire valley, so if the Kokopelli trails get rain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the 18 Road Trails will get hit. Checking the conditions might alter your plans, but will probably still allow you to get in some amazing riding! Corner your way down the Wrangler's Trail in the Kokopelli Trail System

Know the Trail Systems – if the entire Valley does get hit with the weather, know the different systems. Some trails and trail systems will dry out faster than others. For example, Rabbit Valley is a super sandy area. If the rain isn’t that intense, you can probably head out for a ride in a few hours. This is vastly different than the 18 Road trails. This area stays wet much longer and could take an entire day(s) to dry out. Kokopelli Trails are somewhere in between. There are some trails in the system that are mostly rocky/sand and are rideable soon (parts of Mary’s and Horsethief Bench), and others that are shaded and stay sloppy (Hawkeye and Troy Built).

The Fruita Rec Center has something for every member of the family.Enjoy the Fruita Experience – if you do get one of those days where it becomes impossible to ride, take in the rest of the Fruita experience. This means eating, drinking, and some light shopping. If you need to get some form of exercise in, check out our Rec Center. It’s got great amenities for the entire family. 

Most likely, you’ll have perfect weather during your trip to Fruita. If it does rain on your bike weekend, all won’t be lost. Give us a call and we can help you plan your next move! We’re happy to help you get the best bike and Fruita experience possible.