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Tubes, a master link, and a multitool are all good ideas to bring on a bike rideIt’s finally spring! While the rest of the country might still have cold weather and snow, Fruita is ready for your bike adventures!

With Jeep Week bearing down on Moab, and Fruita’s weather predicted to hit 80 degrees – this is the perfect time to get out here and enjoy your bike. Here’s a list of things you want to make sure to pack for your Fruita weekend.

Your Bike(s) – this is a no-brainer, but don’t limit yourself to just one! Pack them all! We’ve got killer mountain bike trails and beautiful road bike routes for you to enjoy. Make sure you enjoy everything our area has to offer. If you don’t have the room to pack all of your bikes, you can rent one at CBB! We carry Devinci, Orbea, and Transition brands and we can find the perfect bike for you to ride in our backyard.

We've got the bike pumps you are looking for!

– Misc Bike Parts – tubes, master link, and all the other things you normally pack for a bike outing. If you happen to forget anything, just stop by! We carry multiple items to get you back on your bike.

Tools – pump, multitool, tire levers, and whatever else you might need for a day on the trail are good ideas to remember to pack. Again, if you forget any of these things at home, you can pick one up at CBB, or we can fix whatever problems come up on the trail.

Layers – our highs can get high in the Valley, but temperatures can get pretty cold towards the evening. This means that you need to pack a wide range of layers for riding and just hanging out. Leg and arm warmers are great items to pack, as well as a long-sleeve, ¾ sleeve and a short sleeve shirt option that can all layer together.We've got the gear you need no matter what the weather is like in Fruita, Colorado

Sunscreen – the sun is HOT here! With all of us coming off the winter, it is important to remember to protect your skin from the elements, so put the sunscreen in your travel bag.

Snacks – there are so many trails to ride that you will want to be out all day, which means that you are going to need some snacks to keep up your strength.

Water – we are the high desert of Colorado, and you will want to have a lot of water on hand for those really hot days on the trails. Pack it or just fill up your pack before you head out for the day.

Don't forget to pack some snacks before a bike rideThis is one of the best seasons to vacation to Fruita, so call your buddies and plan your trip. If you forget anything, CBB can get you the gear you need to have a memorable weekend of fun!