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You might have noticed that we are now organizing a Thursday night “gravel grind” ride. If you’re new to biking or have never heard of a gravel bike, today is your lucky day! We’re going to walk you through what it is, why it is useful, what local rides are great for this type of bike, and more information about our weekly ride.

The Devinci Hatchet Gravel BikeAt first glance, you might not immediately notice the difference between a road bike and a gravel bike. Gravel bikes typically have drop handlebars, multiple gears, and a light frame. The biggest difference is the tires and geometry. Gravel bikes come with meatier tires that can handle riding on gravel or those fire roads, but small enough that you can still pick up quite a bit of speed on flat, paved roads. The geometry on gravel bikes is also a lot more relaxed than on a road bike, which makes it easier and more stable to steer. Gravel bikes also have a longer wheelbase, which is another reason why they are more stable riding on unpredictable surfaces. Close up of the Devinci Hatchet Gravel Bike

Now that you can pick a gravel bike out of a lineup, why would anyone want one? This bike is perfect for people who want to ride their bike (almost) everywhere! Road riders have to be careful when riding, so they don’t destroy their headset or tires, or cause their wheels to always be unbalanced. Road bikes just can’t handle constant conditions that aren’t “perfect.” In comes the gravel bike! Ride it on a paved trail or take it on that mellow dirt path – the gravel bike can handle both of these conditions. Gravel bike riders get to keep the speed of a road bike and can ride off-road like their cross-country bike.

With the newly installed bike path leading out to the Kokopelli trails from Fruita, our little community is the perfect place to test out a gravel bike. Some 18 Road trails and roads and the paths leading out to McInnis Canyon are also wonderful places to ride your gravel bike. Any trails that don’t have super chunky conditions would be a great trail for you.

Join our Thursday night Gravel Grind Bike RideDon’t want to try this new thing out by yourself? No worries. CBB has gravel bikes for rent, and we offer the Thursday night Gravel Grind ride out the bike path to the Kokopelli trails. The group meets at Colorado Backcountry Biker’s shop around 6:00 pm and leave at 6:15 pm. The route out to Kokopelli, with a couple of laps around Rustler’s Loop and back to the shop is about 20 miles total. Once you’re back at the shop, kick back and relax with a beverage provided by CBB and bask in your accomplishment!

If you have any questions about gravel bikes, or anything else bike related, just ask! Our team is friendly and knowledgeable. Call or stop by the shop today to learn more!