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Sunglasses for every riding styleWe get a lot of sun here on the Western Slope of Colorado. The average is over 300 days per year! With all those sunny days, sunglasses are a staple of our everyday life, so why should bicycling be any different? Cycling sunglasses have two very important benefits for your riding. One, they protect your eyes from bugs and debris. Two, they enhance your vision of the road or the trail. So, why should you just choose any pair of sunglasses? Keep in mind these three major things to make your riding experience better.

Lenses – there are so MANY different types of lenses to choose from: mirrored, colored, clear, polarized, etc. Many different sunglasses offer the ability to switch out the lenses, depending on the conditions you will ride in. This is a complete game-changer. No longer will you go without sunglasses because it is just a little too dark – you’ll just switch to yellow or clear lenses and be able to see everything fantastically. The only thing you for sure want to make sure of is that they are shatterproof. The last thing you need to worry about is a million shards of glass floating around during a crash.  Sunglasses for every riding style

Frame – most cyclists prefer the frames that wrap around your face. They add a little bit of UV protection to the sides and give a better level of comfort and fit during a ride. If you’re a prescription glasses person, you need to look for options that will allow you to put those types of lenses in your frames. Also, it’s nice to have a lightweight option for your frame that is shatterproof because accidents happen.

Fit & Grip – you want glasses that fit your face easily and don’t cause any pressure points that will turn in to pain points the longer they are worn. You also want your riding glasses to have some grip. When you start sweating, you don’t want to lose your sunglasses too. Try out a bunch of different brands and types to see which ones work best for your face, and activity level. 

It doesn’t matter if you ride the road, the trails, or just around the corner to get pizza – sunglasses are an important part of your gear. Stop in to see the sunglasses we offer and try them on! If you have any questions about your glasses or any other bike stuff, ask us! We’re happy to help you find your perfect fit in anything bike related. Call or stop in today.