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what bikes gloves are right for youWe’ve heard all sorts of things when we ask people why they don’t wear gloves when riding their bike, but some serious benefits outweigh any negative we’ve heard.

Here are the main benefits of wearing gloves while riding your bicycle.

Grip –  you might not be a sweaty person, but when you ride your bike your hands will get sweat, dirt, mud, or various other things on them that will affect your ability to keep a grip on your bike. Gloves give you the best chance of keeping a good handle on being able to maneuver it when you need to.

Contact Points – your hands are one of the few contact points to your bike so, don’t you want to make it the most comfortable it can be? Gloves have extra padding where you need it and help decrease the road and trail vibrations, making your ride a heck of a lot easier on your body. Get your gear in order for bike races

Protection – falling is inevitable on a bike. No matter how good of a rider you are or how long you’ve been riding, you will probably still take a tumble. Gloves protect you in this event. Think about what you do when you fall – you usually put your hands out to protect the rest of yourself. To avoid those unnecessary cuts, scratches, and road burn just put gloves on!

Temperature – when it gets cold, gloves are extra handy to keep your digits warm! There are also thinner, and more mesh-like gloves that will give your hand the airflow they need during those hot summer months. 

all the bike glovesStyle – if all of the practical reasons above didn’t have you hooked, maybe the different designs and colors gloves come in will get you wearing them! Gloves can be as customized to your personality as you want to make them! They seriously come in SO MANY different options, that you will have a hard time finding your favorite pair. 

If you’re looking for some snazzy new gloves, come to CBB! We carry a ton of styles, designs, and colors, so you can find your perfect fit!