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checking the life of your bike tires is important!Just like any changing of the seasons, fall is a great opportunity to double-check some of the items on your bike to make sure everything is still looking good.

Fall bike maintenance allows you to finish the biking season strong! Here are a few items that might need your focus.

Tires – depending on how many miles you’ve gotten in and what your tires looked like at the start of your season, it might be time to replace your tires. If they are looking like they can make it through fall, just put that on your checklist for spring! This is also the point of the year you want to check your tubeless tire sealant (if you use it). Give it a refill if needed. we've got all the bike tools needed to fix your ride.

Brakes – check your brakes and levers to ensure that you have full stopping capability. You don’t want to be caught without brakes at a crucial time. It’s also a good time to take a look at your brake pads to make sure they have enough life they have left in them to finish this season strong.

road bikes or mountain bike - we can get your bike in tip top shapeChain – you already know to lube your chain on a regular basis, but make sure the tension is correct and there aren’t any extremely worn links. This could cause an unwanted break when you’re out having fun.

Suspension – if you haven’t done a suspension service for a while, you are probably overdue. This is one of those things that slowly get worse over time. So, you might not notice how bad it is until you get the service done. Trust us – this one is important!

Wheels – if you’ve hit some things a little harder than you like, you might want to check the true and tension your wheels. Having wheels that freely spin makes it a lot easier on you. So, just make sure you’re making your life as simple as possible.

These items are all things that you can do at home in your garage or workspace, but if you don’t have the time or energy to complete this checklist, bring your bike to us! We’d be happy to complete these or any other items for you.