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Suspension needs rebuilding every few hours, so get yours checkedIn the past couple of blogs, we’ve talked about the need to make sure your suspension gets serviced regularly. This week, we’ll dive in to explain why it is so important to service your suspension.

Just like your car, your bike needs regular service to keep everything running like it should and to get the most out of your suspension – fork and shock. Most people don’t service their suspension as they should.Bike Fork in for Service

Most manufacturers suggest routine maintenance between 50 and 100 hours. This can be as simple as a lowers/air can service. Or it could dive much deeper into damper/air spring service. While you might think that your suspension still feels “fine” it degrades slowly over time, making it difficult for you to tell how bad it is. You might be able to tell that some things aren’t working as they should if it feels sticky or drags. Some of the items on your suspension that degrade are seals, bushings, assembly grease, and damper oil, to name a few.

AsInside of a Bike Fork you ride your bike and use your suspension’s components of seals, shafts, shims, pistons, and bushings, they start to break down with use and contaminants, like dust, that enters the system. If dirt gets stuck in your seals, it can act like sandpaper on your stanchions. If scoring or gouging occurs, it will make the seal’s job much more difficult. Dust will also dry out the seals. Which will start to crack or breakdown and no longer do their job – sealing.

When you take the time and take your fork and shock in for routine maintenance, you have a much smaller chance that you’ll have to pay for some more significant replacements – like bushings and stanchions.

CBB offers service for your suspension, no matter what brand. We have the specialty tools and know-how to get your fork running like new (or better). Fork service starts at $80, and rear shocks begin at $30. Bring in your entire bike, or just your fork and shock for service today. You’ll appreciate the difference in ride and performance when biking season begins.